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Integrate Eloqua with Any CRM

4Bridge™ Eloqua with Any CRM System

Use the 4Bridge™ Eloqua/Oracle bi-directional integration system with

NetSuite Velocify
Infor/Saleslogix SageCRM
SugarCRM Oracle-MySql
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Oracle CRM On Demand

Don’t see your system listed? Just ask us!

Implementation Options

4Bridge™ Strategic Implementation

Customer Led

If you have an extremely high level of experience and expertise and just need a killer tool for your Eloqua implementations, we’ll help you use 4Bridge™.



If you know what you want to integrate with Eloqua, have a good understanding of your data and processes as well as having strong Eloqua and database experience, a Tactical implementation will take you through the most common steps.


If you want to reap the greatest benefits from integrating Eloqua with your systems and want to make sure to fit the integration to the way you work – and maybe improve your processes while you are at it – we’ll take you through all the steps.

Why 4Bridge

Your job is to deliver business results and to get the best business results, you need alignment – especially between Sales and Marketing. But when your data isn’t aligned, your departments can’t align, either. Each hand on the corporate body needs to know what the other is doing- and how to make use of each other’s information.

4Bridge™ integration is for Marketing and Sales organizations, not IT. No matter how busy your IT department, your integration can happen –quickly and easily on your schedule- and so can any future changes you choose to make.

Benefits for Marketing and Sales

  • Quickly integrate your systems without having to depend on scarce IT resources that can take months to implement what 4Bridge™ can accomplish in days or weeks
  • Get help facilitating the exchange of data between your organizations from people who have sat in your seat, walked in your shoes and
    • Deeply understand Marketing and Sales’ unique requirements
    • Know how to work well with Marketing and Sales’ inevitable quirks
  • Know that you’re partnering with business people who
    • Know how to solve business problems
    • Live and breathe best practices
    • Can help find a balance between standard practice and your organizations’ specific requirements
    • Will level with you and tell you when “out of the box” will work for you and when it won’t – and why

Benefits for IT

  • Lightens your load – one less project you have to worry about
  • Rest easy knowing your Business Units are working with a partner who
    • Has done 100s of integrations
    • Knows the system requirements and can satisfy internal IT policies while meeting business needs
    • Is happy to work side by side and transfer expertise to your staff

How 4Bridge™ Basic Integration Work

Contact Us

For additional information call 1-888-ELOQUA4 (888-356-7824), email us at info@4thoughtmarketing.com or send us a message with your information.