Strategic Implementation

4Bridge™ Strategic Implementation

When you choose Strategic implementation, your systems will mesh and your processes will flow from start to finish. You will reap the combined benefits of Marketing Automation, CRM and the synthesis between the two…the whole will be more powerful than your separate parts.

We will be there to walk you through the various stages of the process, and at the end, we will ensure a fully tested and functioning integration.

In addition to the targeted analysis you’d get in a tactical integration, we’ll look at the entire picture to make sure you’re covered from the point where your contacts hit a form, through your internal Marketing process, a data cleansing process, and Lead Scoring. We’ll design where and how data flows into your CRM contact and account tables – and on through whatever processes will best meet your needs.

We’ll provide all the documentation, and we’ll be there in the event something doesn’t work the way you want it to.

This level of implementation is a good choice if any of these sound like you

  • You’re new to Marketing Automation or new to Integrations
  • You want to implement Best Practices
  • You want to not just automate what you have today, but improve the efficiency of your teams’ efforts
  • You’ve customized your CRM system and need technical expertise to match the customizations to your Marketing Automation system
  • You have limited resources and/or need it done effectively and efficiently

When you choose a Strategic implementation, you’re covered! End-to-end.

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